South Walton Racial Segregationists Planning Rally on March 2nd.

Seaside® Florida- Apparently, a pro segregationist group will be shutting down an entire portion of Scenic Hwy 30A this Sunday to hold some sort of 5k rally. We believe that 5k (or kkkkk) is much worse than the regular kkk because they have two more “k’s” in their name. The chapter has been granted a demonstration permit and as a result, no cars, bikes, golf carts or other races will be permitted on the Western portion of 30A between Seaside® and somewhere else west of Seaside®.

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Over drinks at Redd’s Fueling Station, Dune Allen City Attorney Herman Martin-Hubberdale said the permit was issued to a group whose name we have forgotten. Evidently, a few pints of that Grayton Beer named after that other, more serious South Walton website will make your memory fuzzy. Plus, it was loud because it was open mic night. In retrospect, we may have totally misunderstood this entire story, but we’ll keep going anyway.

We think, but don’t hold us to it, that the rally will be supporting a school or something.Advertiserswanted

Based on what we could discern from a DOT sign placed at the Ed Walline Beach access, the planned rally will only allow one race (singular) to utilize the closed section of the Highway.  The rally is to be held on March 2nd between the hours of 6 something and 10:30 AMish.

Seems like we also heard something about this particular race of people…whichever one they are…really liking Vera Bradley hand bags.

Since we didn’t actually make an attempt, none of the rally’s organizers could be reached for comment or clarification.2014-02-26 13.34.26

“I think it’s wrong,” said one lady who had just finished singing a Smokey Robinson song during her open mic segment. “How can they get away with something like that in this day and time. Hey, can you see about getting me one of those Vera Bradley bags?” 

The brazenness of this event  has spawned similar events to be scheduled by other groups. The local Irish contingent will be holding their very own Parade and pride festival on March 15th, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Ukrainian residents didn’t follow suit.


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Author: Ripple Van Buren

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