Five Fun Places On Hwy. 30A You May Have Never Heard Of

If you’re like us (weird and junk), you may NOT want to totally heed our advice about about avoiding 30A during spring break.  Yeah, you’re a rebel, hard headed and again, just like us. That being the case, you should probably consider finding a few hidden gems that the majority of the interlopers aren’t overly-familiar with… yet.

Below are some of those hidden gems that may help you get your 30A fix without having to fight the frat boys, bow heads and/or suburbanite families for a seat: 

Blooms CafeBlooms Café—Like Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi, but with a fun twist, the legends surrounding Blooms Café are numerous, varied and just plain weird.  So many, so crazy, that some people doubt the place even exists.  They’re wrong.  It’s out there (waaay out there).  Water guns, garden fresh vegetables, no kids and an “owner rules all” policy…the tales are all true and the food is worth whatever hi-jinks you may be required to undergo for the privilege of dining at this place.  Just be prepared to check your attitude at the door.  Bloom’s is located on the north side of Hwy 30-A.  4324 W Highway 30-A (north side, a short ways east of Gulf Place).  Call 850-267-1834 for more information and to reserve your spot.

And if you’re not interested in dining, they double as a jewelry store…



SallysSally’s By the Sea Store—By now, everyone knows about “Redd’s Fueling Station,” formerly known as “Sally’s Backside.”  Fun place and Redd definitely knows how to throw down on a song or two (or twenty).  But until Sally’s proposed expansion into legalized gambling was brought forth by this publication,  not many realize the associated store is more than just another “gas-n-go” kind of place.  There’s a full-fledged kitchen serving up biscuits and deli sandwiches at very reasonable prices.  Tasty, too.  Stop in next time you need a fill-up with the ethanol free gas, and grab a tasty meal on-the-go.  On the north side of Hwy 30-A in Blue Mountain…about ten yards east of Johnny McTighe’s (another great, little-known hotspot).

NOLA Sno-Ball Parlor—If you prefer your balls frozen and made of ice, then you’ll definitely want to stop in the Nola Sno-ball parlor on a hot day. Most people think a “sno-ball” is little more than a cup of crushed ice with a drizzle of syrup over the top.  And, if that’s all you want, NOLA’s will be happy to accommodate you.  But if it’s a true, creamy, N’Awlins style sno-ball you’re looking for, give them a try.  Remember dreamsicles?  They are crap compared to these masterful treats of sweat coolness. Located on the north side of Hwy 30-A in the Abacos building across the street from Gulf Place.



Say CheezZ

Say CheezZ—No, it’s not another photographer entering the wedding world. It’s an eatery. Who, other than the fat guys here at the 30AScene would have thought Brazilian-style cheese-flavored muffins and rolls could be so delicious?  Or so hard to find, unless you know to go to the intersection of Hwy 30-A and Hwy 283 (the road that goes to the Red Bar) then head north.  “Say CheezZ” is about a quarter-mile up, on the left, next to the Sherwin-Williams. Buy some paint, get some food, and while you’re in Grayton, you can play “spot the hippy” with your young ones.



Crabby Steve’s (that place behind High Pointe) —We’re pretty sure this place doesn’t really want to be found as it may be the hardest place to find in all of South Walton…and some folks like it that way.  Go to Rosemary Beach, park and walk down to the Gulf.  At the water’s edge, head west until you come to the High Pointe condominiums (big, blue-roofed buildings).  Go up the stairs and you’ll find Crabby Steve’s.  Outstanding sammiches and a great place for a quick drink. Two things we here at love.

Crabby Steve's

Got your own favorite out-of-the-way spot? Did we miss one?  Drop us a line via the comment box below.



Author: Rex King

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