Freeport Woman gives Birth During Star Wars Premier

Miramar Beach Florida: Dina Hickey of Freeport, Florida, is one true and loyal Star Wars fan.  She owns the entire Star Wars movie collection on VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, and Blu Ray, and also has quite the collection of other memorabilia. From Darth Vader chili bowls to her Princess Leia intimate nighties, her collection rivals that of any true fan.

Being the fan that she is, Dina, who is 8 and a half months pregnant, wasn’t going to miss the premier of The Force Awakens for anything.  She and her fiance, Star Wars MomEarl Soars, waited in line for 36 hours just to be sure that they got their tickets.

Earl told 30A Scene that, “When Missy (the couples eldest) was born, Dina was in labor for 14 hours, so we felt like we had plenty of time. As result, we decided to go ahead and finish watching the movie.”   The baby, however, had other ideas. Before the movie ended, Dina gave birth to a 6 lb 2 ounce baby boy right there in the top row of the theater.

il_fullxfull.716252019_tc6yIn honor of the film, they decided to name their newest edition Hans.  Both mother and baby are doing fine.  May the Force be with them.

Author: Nik Sallic

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