Google That Sh*t: The High Story Series

We’re pleased to announce a more cultural approach to the web. An approach where we educate you, the reader, on often overlooked bits of history and interesting facts about today’s world.

We do  this by enlisting a variety of personalities. Most of the tidbits you see are at least based on true events, but everyone presenting them is… let’s just say, in their own world.

Below you’ll find some some of the actual tidbits that we will be filming:

  • Sliced bread was patented by a jeweler, Otto Rohwedder, in 1928. He had been working on it for 16 years. It took a dude 16 years to figure out how best to slice bread. Crazy! Don’t believe it? #google that sh*t. (See the installment here)
  • It is a criminal offense to drive around in a dirty car in Russia. Man, if they had that law here…I’d be in jail. Don’t believe it? #google that sh*t.
  • In 16th-century Canada, women drank a potion made from ground up Beaver Testicles as a form of contraception. OH Canada! Don’t believe it? #google that sh*t.
  • A lot of folks know that it was the fleas stowing away on rats over the silk road that caused the Black Plague, but many folks don’t know that Pope Gregory IX thought cats were used in devil worshipping. As a result, cats throughout Europe were exterminated in droves. As a result, the rats exponentially procreated and so did the fleas.  Don’t believe it? #google that sh*t.
  • The ancient Romans used human urine for mouthwash. Don’t believe it? #Google that sh*t. (See the Video Here)

Author: Westipher G. Collins

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