Local Bikers Start Petition to Lower Speed Limits on 30A

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida — Speed limits may be changing all over Scenic Highway 30A in South Walton County, lowering the limits from a varied number to a unified 10 miles per hour.

Local bicyclists, who are getting organized and petitioning the county government for the proposed change, are asking that the highway department begin installing new signs before spring break.Beach Bikers

“It’s so bad out here because there’s cars everywhere and they aren’t leaving any room for bikes,” said the scruffy guy who gets in my way every morning when I am taking my child to school,  “Cars endanger our lives and since we are the most important people on the road, I think it’s a good idea.”

There have been a number of fatal biking accidents all along highways in the area, but none of those accidents have actually happened to bikers riding on the bike path. Those facts seemed to aggravate those organizing this petition.

“The bike paths aren’t made for bikes, and from there, people in cars can’t see our super tight biker’s shorts.” said Vance Armstrong, a really fat guy dressed like a pro biker.  “By lowering the limits on the road,  it will make it safer for us and the folks who like to look at our shorts while driving.”

The petition, which is signed by at least 12 bicyclists, was inspired by a similar situation from last year where the board of commissioners lowered the speed limits between Grayton Beach and Watercolor (which was apparently initiated by golf cart enthusiasts).

“I think they should lower it even more,” said Larry McTitepants, a Blue Mountain resident. “Perhaps to 5 miles per hour because you have a few hills and sometimes we just like to walk our bikes up them.”

Not everyone was in favor of the lower speed limit. As a matter of fact, no one other than our friendly neighborhood grape smugglers were in favor of it.  Some see it as an invitation to more accidents as they would be even more prone to purposely ram the obstructionist bikers with their cars.

“No, I ain’t for lowering it,” said just about everyone. “Why can’t they just use the damn bike paths. I mean, isn’t that why they were built?”

Even some who are in favor of the lowered speed limits said other safety measures may be more effective when it comes to curbing high-speed crashes on 30A.

“With the amount of traffic out here, I don’t think it really matters how much they lower it,” said a local biker who withheld her name.  “I think they should outlaw cars on 30A altogether. That would make it much safer for those of us who really matter.”

Another resident who was a part of the golf cart coalition said, “I think we’re going a little too far for these damn bikers. The speed limit should only be lowered enough for golf carts to drive on 30a.”

Mr. Armstrong also stated that after they get the county to lower the limits on 30A, they would then proceed to petition for lowered limits on Hwy 98.

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Author: Westipher G. Collins

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