Do you remember that perfect little town in the “Truman Show” that Truman was attempting to escape and finally succeeded? Well, that wasn’t a movie set. The place actually exists. That place is called Seaside® Florida and it’s located right here in our beautiful area of the world.

If you like your trailer parks a little more upscale and also serving food, selling t-shirts and causing traffic issues, then Seaside® is the perfect destination for you and yours this vacation season.

As a shining example of “New Urbanism, Seaside® was chosen by Travel + Leisure magazine’s as one of the “Best Beaches on Earth” for families.  A family-friendly feel and leisurely sense of belonging accentuates your entire stay.  Seaside® features a town center with plenty of activity for the entire family. From live music, to it’s weekly farmer’s market…it gives that perfect feeling to a perfect vacation…or life…which is really kind of weird.


Seaside® is a registered trademark of Seaside®