South Walton Obituary: Possible Death of a Po’ Boy

Update: Our thoughts and intentions still stand, but after we wrote this article, new information came to light. Here is the quote directly from The Marigny’s Facebook page:


It seems to be time to address the future of The Marigny…

As many of you know, we have been for some time, attempting to negotiate a new lease with our property owner. As of today, those negotiations have gone nowhere. So, if no resolutions are made, we will be closing this location at the end of the month.

We are certainly disappointed by this, however we continue to look to our bright future as operators in the Emerald Coast’s culinary scene. Our catering business (The Marigny-Special Events) is growing everyday and our new venture’s (The NOLA Boiling Co.) phone has been ringing off the hook. We also have numerous requests to relocate the restaurant.

All of that being said… We just aren’t prepared to tell you what our plans are yet. Our goal after closing is to take some time off and spend it with our families and friends. A chance to breathe. Then we will get back to work…

We have met so many wonderful people and made lifelong friends with most of them. That is why we are in the business to begin with. We appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to announcing our future plans.

Until further notice our schedule at The Marigny will be:

Mon/Tue/Wed – Closed
Thursday/Friday – 4pm til 9m (outside bar ’til we kick you out)
Saturday/Sunday – 11am-9pm – (outside bar ’til we kick you out)

And unless there is a resolution that changes our situation, The Marigny’s last day open will be Memorial Day – Monday, May 25th. Details of the last day party t.b.a…

Thank y’all for being awesome! Stay tuned!


Jason and Chris

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida: When it comes to restaurants in South Walton, some would say that location beats quality every time. Granted, there are entirely too many places that are thriving while serving nothing more than frozen TV dinners with a view.

On the other hand, there are some eateries serving some of best food you’ve ever wrapped your lips around that are failing.

You may ask yourself, “how is this happening?” Location may very well be the culprit…but we’re just not totally sure.

One those places (if you haven’t heard yet) The Marigny will be closing its doors for the last time this Sunday.  Which, ironically enough, is happening just a few days after Emerald Coast Magazine listed their Roast Beef Po Boy as one of the Top 10 best sandwiches on the Emerald Coast.  Man, what is wrong with this situation?

Delving deeper…


The Marigny’s Roast Beef Po’ Boy

Based the awards they have received,  we can assume that the Marigny’s food was not an issue. AND, If you’ve ever met Chris and Jason (owners of The Marigny), you can rule out any service issues. ALSO, we’re pretty sure that there are no landlord disputes, plumbing issues, or even a Jade Helm style military exercise taking place on premises.

Can it really the be the location? Maybe, but we’re not totally convinced.

If you think about it, it really wasn’t that inconvenient. Many of us travel to Smallmart several times a month, and as the crow flies, The Marigny is only about 3 miles away. We also go to Grand Boulevard, the Carmike Cinema, CVS, Silver Sands and some of you even go all the way to Destin. Hell, the Marigny is right on the way, so location really had nothing to do with it did it? Basically, we either forgot about the best creole in the area…or we didn’t care.

Since the dawn of man, food has played a central role in just about any social or family gathering worth attending. It truly is the glue that bonds us together, and yet, we here in South Walton have grown apathetic about the quality of said glue. We would rather have a Waffle House quality shrimp basket from some place in Seaside, than heading over to Eagle Bay Subdivision for chicken Clemenceau. Sadly, we now would rather be seen than real; we prefer form over content; and the wrapper over the candy.

This is not to say that The Marigny had a crappy atmosphere. On the contrary, it was/is a cool place to hang out.

Maybe it’s just my Southern ideals, but we firmly believe that the eateries we patronize can either enhance or dilute the quality of our lives. You can eat crap and have shallow conversations if you like. We prefer to eat well and have deeper meanings to our relationships.

Why are we so passionate about this? The Marigny is a place that holds/held friends, family, and food in high esteem. There are very few eateries in our area that still do all of that. The Marigny’s closing detracts from the quality of our lives. It’s a soul stomp to our local identity, and a shame beyond measure. They did everything right and YOU let them down.

Editor’s Note: I am sure Chris and Jason will be fine. As a matter of fact, they are already planning their next big venture. Be sure to check out the Nola Boiling Company when the site is finished. Still, it’s not the same for those who used to hang out at the pool side bar. Not the same at all.

Now that we have ranted endlessly, lets end it with this:  We ask that you please join us in mourning the death of a prize winning Po’ Boy, a really cool neighborhood bar, and the best creole restaurant you never patronized. They are survived by some very fond memories and a few bitter individuals who hate to see their passing. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you bring your ass out to Sunday Brunch for a proper send off.

Memorial Services will be held this Sunday at Brunch. LOCATION: The Marigny in Eagle Bay Subdivision off of East Hewitt Road.

RIP Po’ Boy! You will surely be missed.



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