Trump to Visit South Walton Ahead of Hurricane Hermine

Santa Rosa Beach Florida: On his return trip to the U.S. from Mexico, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump plans to stop off in South Walton County Florida on Thursday to lend a hand ahead of Hurricane Hermine.


Trump’s motorcade, which has already secured Beach Permits from the county, plan to drive on to the beach in Grayton Beach and head west to the sugar white sand that lays directly behind the Vizcaya beachside subdivision. It is the candidate’s intention to set up a few tents, a couple of beach chairs, and a 1980’s style boom box in preparation for assisting locals with filling sand bags to be used for storm surge protection in other parts of the county.


According to the Trump spokesperson, James Roku, “Mr. Trump’s thing is, as we all know, building walls. He builds them and they are great…they are the very best walls that anyone has ever seen. Millions of people love his walls, so he’s going to help build some sand bag walls for the people of South Walton.”Trump in South Walton

Some residents are less than pleased with Mr. Trump’s planned visit.

“We welcome him to (South Walton), but strongly prefer he stay off of our private beach,” the Vizcaya Neighborhood Club said in a written statement. “Instead of trespassing on our private property, we hope he’ll consider volunteering and filling his sand bags on the public beach and then placing them on the property lines separating our kingdom from that of the common folk.”


Speaking to us under the condition of anonymity, Hal Packmeyer, Chairman of the Vizcaya Neighborhood Club, has already made plans to greet Trump with a curse laden protest. When asked what he meant, Mr. Packmeyer said,  “that son of b!&th better keep his mother f7&^king a$$ off my property or I’m gonna call the g#@!damn police.”


Either way, this should turn into an excellent photo opportunity for Mr. Trump.


More on this as the situation develops.

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