Why the Medical Marijuana Amendment Failed in Florida

Santa Rosa Beach Florida: Hippies, glaucoma patients and 57% of Florida’s total population are extremely disappointed today… disappointed because the Medical Marijuana Amendment didn’t receive the 60% of votes required.

For the sake of full disclosure, we here at 30aScene.com supported the amendment and actually left the bar long enough to go vote for it. That being said, we have two theories as to why the extra 3% failed to come through on the vote.


Sneaky Marijuana Activists: 

If we’re being honest here, most of those lobbying weren’t necessarily concerned with Granny Glaucoma getting her ganja. It was meant as a stepping stone towards total legalization. Those who voted for it knew this and so did those opposed to the amendment. Slippery Slopes while smoking the dopes is how it was viewed by the prudish 43%.

Granted, this strategy works quite well for seasoned politicians trying to pass a little pork barrel cash for their home district, but it’s much to blatant for a state constitutional amendment.

We know you want to smoke the weed, you know you want to smoke the weed, and so do the teetotalers.  Why not use the more direct argument?  For Example:  “If Joseph A. Sixpack gets to drink his PBR or 30A Blonde, then why can’t we smoke the reefer?;” OR, you could conjur up the blatant failures of prohibition, how illegal weed contributes to criminal behavior and drug cartels. You could even mention how non-violent offenders are taking up jail space that should be occupied by pedophiles. In other words, use a direct argument. Covert tactics are viewed as untrustworthy.


Yep, we said it…well meaning hippies holding up their home-made “Say Yep to Amendment 2”  signs killed the cause. Here’s why: Hippies scare old people…Old people always vote…Old people see these eclectic individuals standing outside of the “no electioneering” areas with their crayon drawn, poster-board signs and they get scared. By association, hippies destroyed the legitimacy of any credible argument that the medical marijuana lobby had posed.

In the pics below, you’ll see a prime example of what we’re talking about. You should know that WE LOVE THIS DUDE AND ARE NOT NECESSARILY PICKING ON HIM. ANYONE WITH A GOAT AND A PAINTED BED SHEET IS SOMEONE WE WANT as a friend…PLUS, you have to respect his commitment to his cause.

That being said, however, he and his Phish-following brethren (right or wrong) make some folks uneasy…

Images courtesy of an anonymous source.

Med Marijane Med Marijane2 Med MarijanerDo you have a theory as to why Amendment 2 didn’t pass? Then we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

Author: Buzzed Living Stoner

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