Best Reasons to go to the 30A St. Paddy’s Day Fest

Santa Rosa Beach Florida: Everyone loves a good party. Some of us also like Kelly green and adult beverages. And, a select few of us love the fact that one of our ancestors had relations with someone of Celtic descent. If any of these things apply to you then you should be really concerned about the lack of attention that the 30A St. Patrick’s Day Festival has received.

Of course, Susanna what’s her name has not been contracted to write a crappy song and the Indigo Girls aren’t dragging their old bones on stage to drop a chord or two, but c’mon, this years green pride festival looks like a lot of fun.

Why? Below you’ll find our top 6 reasons you should go:

For the Love of God, there’s a Parade: Everyone that knows anything about celebrating something knows that you cannot do it without a parade. Don’t like seeing cars, trucks, tractors, flatbeds and golf carts drive by really slow? What if I decorated them with really cool stuff and asked people to hang out of the windows while waiving and throwing things at you? Glad you’re on board. Arguably the most loved thing on this planet, parades are necessary to celebrating anything substantial. From Mardis Gras to the Super Bowl Champs, there is no parallel in the realm of celebration.

Mandatory Alaqua Benefit: If you’re going to have an event in South Walton, I think there is some sort of constitutional amendment that requires a portion of stpatricksdog4_thumb2it to benefit Alaqua. The St. Paddy’s Fest fulfills this obligation by throwing a “Pet Pawty” just for you and your furries .  All of $5 admission price goes to Alaqua.

Stuff for the kiddos: Did you know that Irish folk enjoy procreating? It’s true! Most from the Emerald Isle take great pride in raising families and as a result, they provide sound family environments for their wee folk. This festival is no different…(the providing a family friendly environment that is… you need to keep the procreating at the house) There will be games, a princess tea party, pirate activities, face painting, and many other activities for the young lads and lasses.

VIP Whiskey Tasting: Obviously, liquor preferences are subjective, but in our expert opinion, the Irish make some of the best whiskey on the planet. For those, like us, who prefer to keep their St. Patrick’s Day in a more traditional/stereotypical way, The St. Paddys’ fest is offering a VIP whiskey tasting event. Of course, we think this is the best part of the festival.

Good Dance: The Drake School of Irish Dance will be on hand around mid afternoon to show us how to shake our Kelly green tail feathers. Once you see them, you’ll think that Michael Flatley is a punk.

Great Music: The music line up is pretty enticing as wellThis year’s fest features American Celtic Rock band, Cleghorn, local favorites Dismal Creek and the headliner, Searson. Hailing from the most Irish province in all of Canada, Searson is fronted by two sisters who have a real passion for fiddle based Celtic Music. Of course, if you spend enough time in the VIP whiskey tent, then any music will sound great…but please keep in mind that none of these acts actual do play “Freebird”…regardless of how loud you spray it across the folks in front of you.

In this country, we have bastardized a lot of things. When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, we have successfully converted a minor Irish celebration into something of our drunken dreams. To us, St. Patrick’s day is so much more than the removal of snakes from Ireland. It’s a way to show our diversity, our individualism and our American souls.

So, if you truly do love America and all it stands for, OR, if you just like pretending to be from another country where sun screen is not recommended, but a legal requirement,  then the 30A St. Patrick’s day Festival is for you. For more info on the event or for tickets, please visit

Author: Westipher G. Collins

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