About 30A Scene

30Ascene.com, is owned and operated by Groove Web Marketing, LLC, a Santa Rosa Beach, FL based web design and web marketing firm. We are a niche website with a focus on all things related to Santa Rosa Beach, Miramar Beach, Sandestin, South Walton County, and the surrounding areas. Unlike other websites, our site is more than a revenue stream or a job. It’s an educational resource that creates fun learning opportunities for our daughter. In other words, It’s actually a work of passion.

We want to be your best resource available for anything related to the 30a Scene and surrounding areas.

Our Story

A few years back, a couple of friends decided to launch a parody site for the South Walton Area. That site was the earlier, less mature version of what we see today at 30aScene.com, but it was our beginnings, so we’re not running from it. All we knew when we started that original site was that we wanted to be unique, funny, and to make fun of everything and anything. While it was most definitely fun, it was not a very marketable concept to potential advertisers. As a result, our real world obligations forced us to concentrate on more serious and productive ventures. So, we just stopped doing anything with the site…until January 2019.

Now, 30aScene is all grown up…sort of: We now strive to offer something just as unique in a slightly more serious way. Yes, there are local resource sites and websites dedicated to providing local human interest stories, but we believe we add something different to that space…something that would provide additional benefit to visitors and locals alike. Our mission at 30a Scene is to bring you info in an easily accessed and entertaining format. While we will still maintain a section dedicated to humor, satire and parody, this site will mainly concentrate on being a little more serious about the fun that South Walton has to offer.

So, here we are today.

 In real life, we learn from everything we do. Let’s have some fun while we’re doing it.

We home school our daughter, and we view most activities as a new opportunity for her…and us, to learn. In that spirit,  we want to ensure our daughter understands that charity is a necessary component to a full life and that any good business operation includes a giving heart. As a result, a portion of the monies we receive from advertising and merchandising sales through this site will go directly to Preserving The Panhandle, a charity who’s mission includes promoting responsible land development in the Northwest portion of Florida and some disaster relief.

A Little about the owner:

Panama City Scene OwnersHi! I’m Wes Herndon, the chief executive of Groove Web Marketing, LLC. and the primary administrator of 30aScene.com. I have been married for 16 years to an awesome woman, and we are blessed to have a beautiful 11 year old daughter….who also acts as “fun consultant”  for this site. She helps with the creative side of things and is learning the principles associated with running an ethical business. We live in Walton County and spend a lot of time enjoying 30a, Santa Rosa Beach, and the entire area.