Miramar Beach Florida: Family vacations are great. We all love our kids, but sometimes, mom and dad need just one night without the kiddos… even while on vacation. Well, you’re a stranger in a strange tropical land…who do you trust, and what can you do to get that date time with your honey?

Or…. you’re a local who’s babysitter just backed out on you. You’re panicking because you’ve been really looking forward to getting away from Bob the Builder, Teen Titans Go, that 500th viewing of Moana, or whatever your kid might be binging on these days. You just needed one night where you can speak with other grownups using grownup words…a night without hearing complaints about the crust on a PB&J, or hearing one of your beloved little angels griping about his/her sibling having one more chicken nugget than he/she does.

Well, no worries. We have a very affordable, convenient, and safe solution for you:

Kid’s Night Out at U.S. Gold Gymnastics.

The Facts:

  • U.S. Gold Gymnastics has been operating in some form in the Destin area since 1992.
  • U.S Gold was founded by Kathy Dwyer, a member of 1989 NCAA National Championship Team at UGA.
  • The Kid’s Night Out Program is for kids ages 4-10 years old.
  • Kids participate in several safe, indoor, free play activities, and games that create an active fun environment.
  • The Program runs from 6:30pm until 10:00pm
  • A snack is provided, but kids should be fed a meal before arriving.
  • Play is supervised, and all coaches/sitters have been vetted through background checks.

Other stuff about taking your kids to U.S. Gold for Kids Night Out:

  • Your Kid(s) will be wore slap out when you pick them up. They play hard…there’s a lot of running, jumping, playing, and fun.
  • Since your kids will be “wore slap out”, they will go to sleep almost immediately when you put them to bed…giving you and your honey even more adult time when you get home. You can now catch up on Game of Thrones, snuggle while listening to Barry White (Old reference…we know), or do other things that adults do sometimes.
  • It’s not just for gymnasts, girls, or practicing athletes. While they do some tumbling, swing on a trapeze, jump on trampolines, and do things that some traditional gymnastic athletes do, it’s not about that…it’s about having fun on the equipment in the gym…and sometimes, there’s a bouncy castle… SQUEEEEEEE.
  • At their Destin Gym, U.S Gold only charges $20 for current students and $25 for non-students. (The last babysitter we paid cost $10 per hour) Cha-ching….savings.
  • The sitters/coaches are fully attentive to what’s going on. They’re engaging the kids in games, fun, and supervising the entire time. They aren’t hanging out on Snapchat or texting their BFF while occasionally glancing at your kids.
  • Your kids will make new friends and have plenty of other kids to play with all within a safe environment. No vegging out on the couch and being antisocial while eating junk food with the babysitter. They’re fellowshipping, and having a blast.

Personal Testimony from the author and editor:  This program is awesome. My kid, before she grew too old to participate, spent several Friday nights at U.S Gold. She never came home disappointed about her time there. She always had a blast, it was convenient for us, and the only problem I had with the program was that we didn’t know about it sooner.

So, go get your romantic time on with your significant other. That’s important. All you need to do is drop the kids off, sign a waiver, and give them $25. Then, you can have a worry-free evening doing whatever adults do these days…we’re sure you’ll figure that part out.

For more information about U.S Gold Gymnastics and their other programs and activities, visit their website by clicking here. 


Full Disclosure: U.S Gold Gymnastics is an advertiser on 30aScene.com, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are awesome. The majority of our advertisers are businesses we patronize regularly.