The Emerald Coast of Florida:  People all over the U.S…and maybe even the world… have been surprised and shocked this week to find that a 1,688-pound female great white shark, affectionately known as Miss Costa, was spotted swimming in the Gulf of Mexico off the Florida panhandle.

According to what a researcher from OCEARCH, an international great white shark research organization, told the Pensacola News Journal, a transmitter on the adolescent shark “pinged” just about 40 miles south of Panama City Beach. Apparently, a “ping” is sent to a satellite when a tagged shark’s dorsal fin breaches the surface.  It can also pick up wifi and play Pandora and Spotify via Bluetooth (we made that last part up).

While great whites do not hang out in the Gulf of Mexico that often, it does happen.  As a matter of fact, with the exception of the Dead Sea,  just about every ocean, sea, gulf, and even some rivers all over the world are filled with sharks.

Admittedly, “Miss Costa’s cruise through the Florida Panhandle is significant because a ping from a large female that far north into the Gulf is rare”, OCEARCH said in a news release Tuesday.

That being said, a local regular dude felt it necessary to release a Public Service Announcement on the entire subject. Check it out below.