Santa Rosa Beach Florida: If you’re looking for the regular tourist drops or main stream places to eat on 30a or surrounding areas, there are most definitely plenty of articles, guides, and other publications that can point you in the right direction. This isn’t one of those articles. We want to get dirty….we want to enlighten you on a few of our favorite secret hidden places that most tourists don’t know about, aren’t savvy or brave enough to go in, and/or aren’t drawn toward because they aren’t as flashy or as fancy appearing as some of the more mainstream places.

I should clarify: when I say not flashy or fancy I don’t mean it as a slight against the establishments we’re about to share with you. We actually consider it a badge of honor…because in most cases, the places listed below have more character, better service, and better food than many of the better known more expensive places in the area.

So, here we go: 


Redd’s Fueling Station:

Location: Blue Mountain Beach (Behind Sally’s Gas Station) North Side of 30a

Hours: 5pm until whenever…but usually 10pm.

Cuisine: Pub fare, burgers, ribs, and much more.

Price Point: Decent….especially considering the entertainment.

The Appeal: Music every night. All but two nights per week, Helen Redd, the proprietor and bartender, sings while serving food, beer, and wine to patrons. It’s charming, fun, and sometimes a little naughty. On Wednesday nights, they have an excellent open mic which is hosted by some great local personalities. Fridays, they host local bands or regionally touring acts.

Like to view before you buy? Check out Redd’s Facebook page for a live stream.

The Caf:

Location: Santa Rosa Beach on the corner of Highway 98 and 393. Located beside the Chevron.

Hours: 6:30am to 3:30pm

Cuisine: Greasy Spoon, Breakfast, Southern style homemade fare.

Price Point: Pretty Cheap.

The Appeal: If you like good ol’ greasy groceries, southern biscuits, fried chicken and the like, then this little hole in the wall is your kind of joint. It’s not pretty, but the food rocks.

Johnny Mctighes:

Location: Blue Mountain Beach beside Sally’s Seaside Store. North Side of 30a

Hours: 11am-2am

Cuisine: Pub Fare, Pizzas, Irish themed dishes

Price Point: You can afford it.

The Appeal: If you like a late night party atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, decent food, and socializing with off duty cops, then Mctighes is your kind of place. Definitely a place to hang out and get to know the locals. Try the Tater tot nachos.

Fat Daddy’s Pizza:

Location: North side of Highway 98 in Santa Rosa Beach

Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11am-8pm; Fri-Sat: 11am-9pm.

Cuisine: Pizza, Calzone’s, and Salad.

Price Point: Buffet and beer prices are for the cheapskate in all of us. Dinner and delivery are on par with pizza chains.

The Appeal: The absolute best thing about Fat Daddy’s is their Cheap Beer. Currently, they offer domestics for $1.23 per bottle, and craft and imports for $2.23 bottle. They have decent pizzas and calzones, and if you’re looking for a quick and filling lunch, they offer an all you can eat lunch buffet for less than $10 bucks per person.

Buffalo Jacks Wings Legendary Wings and Pizzas:

Location: South side of highway 98 in Miramar Beach.

Hours: 11:30am thru 9:30pm Daily

Cuisine: Pizza, Wings, Burgers, Tex Mex…even a fettuccine Alfredo dish. Something for everyone.

Price Point: A Little pricey, but worth it.

The Appeal: Probably the best place to watch sports around the Western end of South Walton County. The food and pizzas are great, they have a great selection of draft and bottled beers, and the service is usually pretty strong. One of our favorite places to catch the game and eat.


So, there you have it. These are some of our favorite Hidden Gems to grab a bite, hang out, have a drink, catch some entertainment, and blow off some steam. You should definitely check em out!