Santa Rosa Beach Florida: Hey, you’ve spent almost an entire year studying. Well, at least you had the intention of studying all year.  Either way,  it is now time to blow off some steam. We know you’ve only been able to party on weekends…or Thursdays…or, every night of the week, but yeah….now, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. You don’t have to worry about missing that 8am, 9am, and even some of those 10am morning classes. It’s spring break, so let’s cut loose.

Slow your roll for just a minute and pay attention. We know it’s important for you to have a good time, but that good time should definitely stop short of you dying. That would most definitely put a damper on your fun, and literally kill any possible future you may have.

We’re only saying this because we care. Well, not really…we don’t even know you, but either way here is a list of things you can do to avoid death this Spring Break.

  1. Check in with your loved ones: Look, they are worried sick, so shoot them a text or SnapChat every now and again. If not, dad or mom may be loading up and heading your way…and no one wants that. You would die of embarrassment.
  2. Stay with your group or a group of folks you know pretty well: If you are going to hook up with that dude or dudette from tech or A&M, make sure that you have a wingman or wingwoman to watch your back. One quick way to end up dead is to go off with strangers. I mean, isn’t this what folks have been telling you for years? Stranger-danger is a real thing, especially in tourist destinations.
  3. Have a safe word: You and your friends should get together and decide on a safe word. It should be a secret word that you can use casually with your friends to let them know you’re not feeling safe. That way when Carl the Creeper is doing his thing, your friends can help you out of the situation.
  4. Drink plenty of water: Chances are you’re going to be participating in a lot of sun and alcohol-related activities. Both of these things can kill you….especially when you’re not used to them in excess. Drink plenty of aqua, but if you’re in Mexico, make sure it’s bottled and unopened. Replenish those fluids, stay hydrated, and stay alive.
  5. Wear Sunscreen: While the Sun can present an immediate threat to your life through heat exhaustion or heat stroke, wearing sunscreen lets you hang around for the long haul. You don’t want a mild case of melanoma before Image result for sunscreenyou’re 35.
  6. Don’t Drink Alcohol in the Hot Tub: I don’t care what you saw in the movies, it’s dangerous. Alcohol dilates your blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure. When you add in being submerged in hot water, you’re asking for trouble. Plus, the effects of drinking alcohol will be felt much faster and stronger if you’re sitting in the jacuzzi…and in this case, that’s not a plus. It can kill you.
  7. Stay away from that Shady Looking Bar: Want to live for a minute while you’re here on Spring Break. Don’t walk into seedy looking bars. There is a huge difference in a place with character and a place with recovering felons.
  8. Stay away from Angry Looking Locals: Here’s the thing, most locals want you to come down here, be safe, and to have a good time. Some, however, do not like you and think you’re a burden to their paradise. Just let them be their miserable selves, and stay out of their way.
  9. Stay off of Private Property: No one parties like folks who live at the beach. That being said, they’re still not particularly fond of you trespassing. You should also be aware that Florida has a “Stand Your Ground” law which basically allows people to shoot others who make them feel threatened. Nothing makes someone feel more threatened more than a bunch of drunk college kids trespassing. Just saying. There are plenty of places to go party without any controversy, so stay in that lane.
  10. Don’t Play Tight Wire on the Balcony Railing: People die from this a little too often. You have a few drinks, decide that you have a shirt with a big “S” on it, and try to walk the railing on your condo balcony. You’re gonna die if you do. Don’t be stupid! Show everyone your parkour prowess closer to the ground.
  11. Don’t swim when there are Red Flags out at the beach: At your age, you feel immortal. We get it…because we did too in our early twenties. Guess what! It’s a lie. You can’t stop bullets, and you cannot fight a rip current…even if you are on the swimming team. You will drown and and you will die.
  12. Don’t swim in the gulf or ocean while inebriated: Once again, you will drown and die. Just say no.


There is so much more to know, but these tips should increase your odds at making it through Spring Break alive. Be safe out there, and be sure to share these tips with your friends. Best of Luck and have a great time.