Grayton Beach Florida: If you’re a local, or one who follows local news on 30a and in South Walton, you’re probably already aware that Grayton Beach’s iconic Red Bar has suffered a fiery demise. If you didn’t already know, I am sorry to be the one sharing this awful news with you. You can view the details at any local news outlet, or on the Walton Fire District’s Facebook page. We’re not going to relive this painful memory, but we will relive a few awesome ones that we enjoy here at

Anyone living in this area knows The Red Bar, has visited it on numerous occasions, and are deeply saddened by this morning’s news. For us locals, The Red bar was much more than a great eatery: It is/was a frame of reference for discussing Louis Louis’s menu; it was a landmark for describing which entrance to Grayton Beach you should use, and it was a place to find a restroom when hanging on Grayton Beach for the day. It was also THE best place for great bloody marys and drinks after leaving said beach; a place that served excellent food; and a place with an awesome atmosphere.

In a show of support for the Petit family and the employees of the Red Bar, we thought it proper to share a few of our favorite memories of The Red Bar. We hope you will do the same via comments on our Facebook page.

For those of us who have been affiliated with over the years, the Red Bar also served as a landmark in other ways. You see, the Red Bar was the epicenter for some very important milestones in the history of this site. Back when this publication strictly focused on parody, satire, and humor, The Red Bar…through its Facebook page… was actually a huge part of our first ever viral article.

The article, about the top 10 things that locals hate about tourists (which was lost to ISIS or some other nefarious group who hacked our site while we weren’t looking), was shared by Ollie and the Red Bar. They took a lot of heat from tourists as a result. Admittedly, the article was just a wee bit on the disrespectful side, but Ollie and whoever runs The Red Bar FB page recognized the humor in it. They didn’t remove the shared article when the backlash came and even defended it. As a result, the article gained over 20,000 views….which was huge for a young site such as ours.

The Red Bar also holds another special place in our memories. We had this incredibly awful and terrible idea to try and apply our comedic talents to television. I say awful because we had no experience with such things and believed we could produce an awesome show without said experience. There were also production and budgetary limitations that prevented us from being able to apply what we saw in our mind’s eye to the small screen. In other words, video killed the parody publication star.

But, I digress…The Red Bar was the location of our very first shoot for this TV show. We drank heavily that day…and had an absolute blast while shooting. The vibes and good juju coming from the Red Bar gave us hope for the show, and there’s a little part of me that thinks, had we shot every episode from there, it might have worked….but that may just be nostalgia talking.

On a personal note, plenty of our personal celebrations and pub crawls have begun sitting at a table in The Red Bar. While the ending of those celebrations is definitely not proper subject matter for this forum, the beginnings will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was our pregame location for birthday marathons, and it was where we ate a hearty meal that would later be revisited. In other words, it was our “go-to” place for the beginnings of many an epic night.

As for you the patrons and lovers of this iconic place, we know you have enjoyed many birthday celebrations, Sunday Jazz brunches, and a plethora of Forrest Williams shows at The Red Bar. We know you’ve had to hit that ATM because you forgot your cash at least once in your life, and we know that 80% of you have probably done a little day drinking right there at the bar…and that’s okay.

There is no doubt that The Red Bar holds a very special place in our hearts. We send our most sincere thoughts, prayers, and hopes to the Petit family and their employees. We know there is a lot to consider, but speaking for just about everyone on this planet, we hope you rebuild. We love you guys.

Do you have a unique or special memory at the Red Bar? We would love to hear about it via our Facebook Page