Santa Rosa Beach Florida: See that headline? Yeah, the one about the evil sounding Flesh-eating disease. You have a beach trip planned, and you see a headline like that so you just have to click it, right? We get it. It plays on your worst fears…like, a ruined vacation, a loss of a limb, or even death. It is what is affectionately known on the interwebs as click bait.

That is exactly why news organizations report on it. It is also why they don’t give you the full truth about it…because if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t share it, or talk about it, or give a crap.

They don’t want you to research it. As a matter of fact, they’re counting on it. As tragic as it is for someone to die, or lose a limb for any reason, you should do a little research before overreacting about such things.

No worries! We did the research for you. Here are a few things these Flesh Eating Stories always fail to mention:

Necrotizing Fasciitis impacts only about 600-700 people per year with about 25-30% of those resulting in death. That’s 200-250 people who actually die as a result of contracting it. As sad as any death can be, your chances of dying in a car accident is far greater.

They also don’t tell you that the people who do die from it already had a compromised immune system. They had an existing cut or sore or infection prior to being exposed to the bacteria…which is affectionaly and scientifically known as Streptococcus(GAS) bacteria…by the way.

The skin is the greatest organ on our body. It is designed to protect us in ways we never really consider. It’s like a force field against stuff that makes us sick. When that force field is compromised or we ingest something, it makes it a lot easier for the bad stuff to get in…like viruses and bacteria.

Don’t believe us? Check out what Web MD has to say about the “flesh-eating” bacteria:

“The bacteria that cause necrotizing fasciitis (rotting flesh) can enter the body following surgery or injury. They can also enter the body through:

Did you notice the fancy Latin name of the bacteria that we mentioned above? It has the word Strep in it.  That brings us to something else that the news reports never mention: The Flesh-eating bacteria is the same type of bacteria that causes strep throat?

You’re thinking, “wait…strep throat? I’ve had that and didn’t die or almost lose an arm…or throat for that matter.” That’s correct. You have…and didn’t. Your body fought it off…because you were relatively healthy when you contracted it.

By the way, this bacteria can be found all over the planet…not just at the beach. You can contract it in your own bathtub, at church, in your pool, at the fishing hole, at the lake, from your lawn sprinkler…just about anywhere.

SIDE NOTE:  ALL BACTERIA IS FLESH EATING if it gets in your body. That’s exactly what bacteria does when it gets in you. As a matter of fact, so do fungi like athlete’s foot.

So, How do I protect myself from the evil Flesh Eating Wooly Boogers?

It’s rather simple. If you have a cut, skin tear, abrasion, an open sore, or if you’ve been sick or have a compromised immune system for any reason, you should stay out of ALL bodies of water.

In our lives, we face dangers every single day. The news likes to blow these things out of proportion sometimes…because it gives them site views, clicks, and most importantly to them, advertising dollars. Stop falling for their crap, do some research, Google something, and have a great day at the beach without all the worry.