Santa Rosa Beach Florida: In an effort to keep our finger on the pulse of all things local and to anticipate what our visitors may be looking for in regards to our little beach destination, we here at are constantly perusing local forums related to tourism and the beach.

We do this because, sometimes, we can provide instant insight to those seeking answers, but primarily because it’s a great source of article topics. No, we’re not a bunch of creepers. It just helps us see the need for certain info so we can fill it. That being said, there are many questions that repeatedly come up in those forums, and like most forums, no one goes back to see if their question has already been addressed. As a result, we thought we’d address a few of them in an article. Oh….this is said article. See the questions with our best answers below:

Is the water too cold in (insert month here) to swim? 

We definitely understand this question. If you’re going to spend hundreds, or even thousands of bucks to come to the beach, then you might just want to get in the water. That being said, any time between October 15th and April 31st is kind of iffy when it comes to water temps. The gulf (not ocean or sea by the way) is generally cooler in these months, but there a lot of people who brave it.

Winter temps also fluctuate a good bit down here, so it can definitely be hit or miss. Take this offseason for example. So far, we have had less than a week and a half with temperatures lower than 50 degrees. As a result, the gulf water temps may be more bearable for some. Last year, we had at least 50 days with the temps in the 30’s. Basically, you just have to watch it and see how it plays out.

Which brings us to our next point. Determining whether the water is “too cold” is also subjective. Water temps could be perfect for you, but freezing to me. It just depends on what you’re acclimated to. I personally only get in the water between May and November. On the other hand, I have seen Canadians splashing about in the middle of January. They are more acclimated to cooler climates where as I am not.

What is the best seafood, Mexican, burger, steak, or whatever kind of place to eat?

Again, this is a subjective question. Obviously, there are some restaurants that are better than others, but we all have different tastes and preferences.  In relation to seafood, most people come down here and eat the same shipped-in frozen crab legs or lobster tails that they could get back home…so does that one really matter? (Check out this article as it relates Places to eat in PCBto seafood at the beach)

Most of us who live down here have become food snobs for the most part, and many of us have a few hidden gems that we don’t really want you to know about. We also rarely eat at chain restaurants anymore. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can check out our Go Eat Page for some great local fare… maybe you’ll find your own hidden gem. Also, you could look to the right on this page and see a few articles about a couple of our favorite hidden gems in the area.

We’re coming down in (insert time frame here). What are some fun things to do? 

Well, what do you consider fun? What do the kids enjoy? I mean, we have this white sandy thing that adjoins some salty water that is a whole bunch of fun. You can swim, sunbathe, paddle board, surf, boogie board, fish, and do all kinds of cool things.

What kind of budget are you looking at for off-beach activities? Within a 45 minute drive of Scenic 30a and Walton County, there are a plethora of golf courses, a couple of water parks, places to shop, and even an arcade or two. It just depends on what you prefer. There are all kinds of fun things to do in the 30a area. 

Did you mean nightlife? There are several fun places for that as well. We know this isn’t really answering the question, but every person is different. My kid loves arcades, but my wife hates them. It’s just a tough one for us to answer without knowing anything about you.

Are there fishing charters close to 30a?

This one we can definitely answer with a resounding yes. As a matter of fact, there are fishing charters that launch right from Grayton Beach and Inlet Beach. Check out our Go Fishing page for some ideas. Just a couple of miles offshore, the fishing is awesome. Thanks, in part, to how close our shores are to the reef you can catch everything from grouper to snapper (when in season), Amberjack to Kingfish…lots and lots of great fishing off of 30a.

How crowded are the beaches in (insert time frame here)? 

Generally speaking, the beaches are extremely crowded during spring break (first week of March through mid-April) and during the entire summer. Other than those times, it can be sporadic, but for the most part, those times above are when it’s at peak levels. Plan accordingly. If you can schedule your trip in September or early May, we highly recommend it. The water is perfect, the weather is generally pretty sweet, and there are very few people to get in the way.


So, there ya go. Is there a question you’d like us to address in a future article? If so, be sure to shoot us a comment on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we’ll be sure to include it.


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