Santa Rosa Beach Florida: It’s spring break here in paradise, and one of the most popular activities that we engage in as locals is to complain incessantly about traffic, tourists, and everything that comes with living in a tourist destination. We here at 30aScene are as guilty of this as anyone, but we thought it would be fun to remind ourselves…and others…of the blessings we enjoy by living in such an awesome place.

We compiled a list and here it is:

  1. We only have to wear pants to funerals, weddings, or when we want toFor the most part, living at the beach brings an extremely laid back lifestyle where a certain level of casualness is not only acceptable but expected. Of course, there are certain professions that require long pants, but those are in the minority. As a matter of fact, when most of us see someone wearing dress clothes, we stare at them like folks in other parts of the country might stare at a dude with a face tattoo. It’s just weird.
  2. For the most part, we make friends rather quickly: Given the fact that we see so many new and strange faces every year, we have a tendency to be more outgoing than people in other places. As a matter of fact, the editor here at is always saying he made more friends in his first six months living here than he did his entire time living in the previous location.
  3. We are a very tolerant group: You may not think so, be we as beach dwellers are very tolerant of alternative lifestyles, and libertine philosophies. If you’ve ever lived in a small town elsewhere in this country, then you know to what we’re referring. We can say, without reservation, that living here has opened our eyes, and made things a little more laid back when it comes to personal tolerances of others.
  4. Just Look at what we have access to: Even without the beaches, there are so many awesome activities, great restaurants, and other things that are in close proximity to where we live. Just think about it…how many of us have become food snobs since moving or living here because of all the awesome locally owned places to eat? Live music is available just about every night, and there is always a farmer’s market or some sort of festival going on. Most other places on this planet do not have such things. From an entertainment standpoint, we are truly enriched by living in a tourist standpoint.
  5. The weather and the beaches: Obviously, this is the main reason we all fell in love with our South Walton area. Quick access to what others plan and dream about all year was the original draw. and there is no doubt, the weather assists in our enjoyment. Obviously, hurricanes can and are an issue, but thankfully, those are few and far between.

What we need to remember is that, like most popular things, our area is popular for a reason. It truly is paradise. If we are going to love and subsequently live in this place, we have to accept that others want to enjoy it as well. Even if, like my mom always said, they act as if they’ve never been anywhere before. It is the yin to our yang of living in paradise. Y’all be safe out there and make smart choices.