Santa Rosa Beach, FL: Unless you’ve been quarantined from social media, you’re probably already aware that most of us have lost our damn minds with this lockdown. People are on edge, they are tired of being cooped up with their families, and the stress has made folks downright ornery.

If you’re a fan of drama…like us here at…then it makes for a very entertaining way to pass the time. Sometimes we engage to stir the pot. Other times, we just sit back and watch the world burn. For those of us who grew up staying at Granny’s house during the summers, it’s like a live action version of watching grandma’s “stories” …except it’s real life, and people get really mad. No actors involved at all.

That being said, we thought we’d compile a list of what us beach folk are arguing over lately. It might be a good way for us to pass the time, and we might even get on a soap box while we’re at it.

To wear or not wear a mask in public:

This is an argument that is breaking up marriages, killing friendships, and bringing some pretty strong hate on social media. According to the pro maskers, you’re basically committing first degree murder if you refuse to wear one. The anti-maskers, on the other hand, are adamant about masks being useless and claim that they cause more harm than good.’s take? We don’t know. Everyone is using some sort of source to support their opinion, but those sources are all over the place. We’re just not sure if any of them are worth trusting. Some opposing sources actually use the same exact experts, but at different points in time… with contrary info.  It’s nucking futs!

In addition to all that confusion, there are some folks who say wearing masks is irrelevant because folks are always going to pick their boogies and bag up apples anytime they’re at Publix…mask or no mask. Who knows? We sure don’t, but it seems that if my surgeon wears one during my colonoscpy, then there might at least be something to ’em.

Youtube as a Source:

Speaking of citing sources, people are losing their minds over what is and what is not a credible source for data. There are several people posting Youtube videos of people claiming to be doctors, epidemiologists, or other science-based professionals and using that as a source to support their positions. Others are blasting them for it.’s take? Youtube is not a viable data source to support any claim whatsoever. Why? Because anyone can upload a Youtube video. At some point in the near future, we’ll actually prove it by posting a fake one.

It’s crazy how easy it is to perpetuate false info online. We have had people shoot us Youtube videos, and say, “Hey! There are additional sources in the description of said video.” When we checked those sources, they were entertainment magazines, conspiracy blogs, or something else not related to a trusted source of scientific data.

To Open Short Term Vacay Rentals or Not:

For the record, we absolutely hate the word “vacay”, but it sure is convenient to type.

The pro maskers and the anti-Vacay rental folks seem to be the same people. They are claiming that, by opening the rentals, you are endangering locals by concentrating more people in the area. This argument seems to be based on the initial projected stats rather than actual stats. They aren’t making allowances for the most recent adjustments in the projections…or actual statistics related to the virus. Some of the bolder proponents of this side of the argument are even claiming that people should be ashamed of themselves because one life saved is worth people becoming homeless.

On the other hand, the pro vacay (cringe) rental folks seem to be using current data associated with the virus and arguing based on the inevitable negative economic consequences of staying locked down.’s take? Should be obvious. People need to provide for their families and pay their mortgages, and the most recent data from the CDC no longer supports forcing people to stay in. Sweden, and more recently the state of Georgia, shows us that reasonable precautions are effective without forcing everyone to stay at home. Anyone arguing against this has some agenda that is not supported by real numbers…and is highly suspect.


We know, we’ve gotten way off topic…

So what?

In conclusion, some us here at actually have medical professionals within our families. They are on the front lines working active Covid cases. As a result, we have firsthand knowledge on local virus stats and are privy to being in-the-know on a lot of this stuff.

The lockdown was never meant to eradicate the virus, it was meant to allow our medical community time to gear up. That has happened. As a matter of fact, in some places, medical staff is being furloughed or given additional days off.

Yes, we have gotten way off topic, and this was supposed to just be a fun article about watching the world burn from afar. BUT, staying in forever will never kill the virus. It’s time to get off the couch, off the sauce, and off the government nipple to go back to work. Be cautious, and if you want to wear a mask, do it…but stop using old and false projections to support your desire not to work…or to keep your beach less populated. That is what is truly selfish.

Plus, if we get back to a normal life, some of these hateful arguments might just go away. Then, we can go back to hating each other secretly.


The opinions expressed on are our own. You’re welcome to yours even if they’re wrong (if they differ from ours, they probably are), based on your “feels”, and/or of no sound logic whatsoever.